How do I best take care of my dental crowns and bridges?

In dentistry, crowns are usually used to cover or “cap” broken or weak teeth; whereas bridges are used to connect 2 or more teeth as a means of replacing one or more missing teeth in order to provide more chewing surface. Therefore what remains underneath a crown or a bridge, is still the natural teeth … Continued

Why is my tooth now sensitive after I got a filling done yesterday?

There are two main reasons why you can feel some discomfort after getting a filling done by your dentist. A tooth is a living organ. All vital teeth have a nerve and blood supply. After any dental procedure, a tooth may need time to heal. The deeper the restoration, the closer the filling gets to … Continued

Are Dentists Allowed to Provide Botox to Their Patients?

Botox is a medication that has been used for many years in the field of medicine. It has recently become popular, and has many applications in facial cosmetics. Dentists not only have thorough and advanced training in the head and neck area; they also are skilled and experienced in facial injections. Botox in Dentistry can … Continued